SappyFest 9


City Mail

City Mail is a project dedicated to the free delivery of inner-city postables, investigating and expressing the personal and physical geographies that make up a place. We're happy to have City Mail returning to collect and deliver your Sappy correspondence once again.

City Mail is facilitated by Alison Creba, Ilse Kramer, Paige Littlefair and a gang of robot pigeons.

City Mail will be operating out of a hand built post-office on Bridge Street all weekend.

Sappy Times

Pick up a daily installment of the highs, the lows, and the halos of the festival's stupendous yay as seen by fly on the wall, Sean Michaels. Written always between the hours of 11pm and 8am, read about what he hears, sees and the occasional rant about hoola hoops.

Look for Sappy Times daily at all your favourite Sackville hot spots.

Universal Dawn

Universal Dawn is writers reading writing. We've been doing this from the beginning, but a few years ago we started calling it Universal Dawn in honour of our good friend, Dawn-Aeron Wason.


Jenner Berger is an artist, editor, writer and confidant. She can tell you a few stories.
Lezlie Lowe is an award-winning freelance journalist and regular SappyFest performer. But don't get your hopes up.
Jeff Miller began writing Ghost Pine Fanzine in 1996. In 2010 the best stories from the zine were collected in the volume Ghost Pine: All Stories True (Invisible Publishing). He lives in Montreal and spends his summers in Jeddore, NS, where he is writing his next book and eating all the seafood.
Andrew Patterson hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lately, he's been bombarded with questions like 'Are you a writer?' and 'You're a writer, right?'. This has led him to believe that he is, in fact, a writer. His work has appeared in The Coast, The Periodical Project and, most recently, Collecting Unica, a self-published chapbook of poetry.
Ian Roy is a writer. He lives in Ottawa.

The Vogue - Saturday, August 3rd, 12 - 1:30pm

Win or Lose at SappyFest

This year, SappyFest will host a carnival-themed fundraiser for Struts & Faucet. Located outside the SappyFest mainstage tent on Bridge Street, play carnival games inspired by classics like balloon darts, duck pond and frisbee toss. Try your luck, and win or lose at SappyFest
Bridge Street - August 2nd - 4th

Zine Fair

Each year a diverse selection of writers, zinesters, comic artists, multiple makers, and creative types will congregate upstairs at the Legion to sell and showcase a plethora of ephemera. Presented in collaboration with the Anchor Archive Zine Library.
The Legion, Upstairs - Saturday, August 3rd, 12 - 5pm

Theatre Of Mechanical Sculpture

New Media works take to the Music Hall's atmospheric stage and perform in 45 minute sets. Come in have a seat and relax while experiencing art in a new way.

Presented in partnership with Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre

Sackville Music Hall, Upstairs on Bridge Street - Sunday, August 4


Andreas Buchwaldt
Andreas Buchwaldt is an artist/inventor whose kinetic sculptures explore the space between DIYculture and architecture. Born in Denmark and raised on the Canadian Prairies, he is currently based in Toronto. Andreas has created a virtual metropolis with a shadow play installation. Mobius City tells the story of how an urban centre grows, while capturing the feeling of constant movement tied to big-city life. Plans are laid over plans, structures compete for space, and the city dweller looks on from the shadows as the place they once knew transforms around them.

Patrick Cull
Patrick Cull lives and works in Kitchener Ontario. He is a sculptor, a painter, and a crazy madman. He has exhibited his work nationally and his work is also in several private collections. He has created an elegant and bizarre animatronic dog for this show.

Generation Generation

Generation Generation is a Canadian art collective with a hidden agenda. They are a secret society of the minds eye. They will be bringing back a nostalgia act from Sappy's vaudeville days.

John Kilpatrick (Strong John)
Sean Michaels has heard rumours of Strong John. "I am told the legend of a man named Strong John. He makes things, they say. He drives things from here to there. Strong John helped make SappyFest. He drove SappyFest from here to there. He has red hair & he is as big as city hall, stronger than Jameson, and he can do anything. They say all this about Strong John. He made the stage with his bare hands. He made the tent. He made the sky. He cradled the Talking Exploding Diamond in his herculean fingers. I have never met Strong John but I will tell my children about him, at night, when they are frightened." (Sappytimes 2013) Strong John will deliver the goods.

Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh is an artist living and working in Bermuda. His work is physical and cerebral. The process is reductive, purposefully shedding away to reveal not the lack but the being. He has at The Bermuda National Gallery and teaches at Bermuda College. He will bring something heavy to the Theatre Of Mechanical Sculpture.

Candlepin Bowling

Bowling is fun. Everyone knows that.

27 Bridge Street - Saturday 3-5pm, Sunday 1-3pm

The Little Leagues

There will be skipping ropes, street chalk and other fun stuff out for the kids. If anyone is in the mood for badminton, come by the office and ask for a racquet and a couple of birdies.

Bridge Street/Everyday/All daylong.

Westmorland County Softball

If you've been dreaming of playing ball at Sappy all year then meet Sappy Athletic Club Counselor Sandy at the ball field and make that dream come true.

Saturday Morning at 10:00

The Joustice League

The Knights of the Joustice League invite the people of Sappyfest to engage in a Tournanment of Medieval prowess, valor and fun. Test your strength in a Melee, your skill on a horse and your bravery in a joust. Not for the Boorish. pro solo exercitio, atque ostentatione virium

Saturday & Sunday from 2-4pm

Barber Pig Music Industry Seminar

Led by indie darling Pat LePoidevin, kids of all ages will create band names, draw posters, write songs and lyrics and design original band t-shirts.

Saturday 8 to 12, 2 to 5, Sunday 2 to 5
At the Mainstage Merch Tent

Lost, Found, Mending

Bring us your lost and they will be found. Bring us your emptiness, your unraveling and your tears and they will be mended. This year the lost and found will be located beside the merch tables. Between the above hours Thea Jones will darn your socks, sew on your buttons and patch your holes. And that's pretty nice of her.

We've been breaking hearts and fixing them right back up again since 2006.

Friday: 8 - 10 + Sat: 3-6 pm and 8:30-10pm, Sun: 3-6pm and 8:30-10pm
At the Mainstage Merch Tent