SappyFest 9

Late additions, other happenings & performances


We’re all excited to announce the late additions of Eternal Summers, Each Other, Wet Denim, Alex Durlak and Light Fires to the lineup.

In addition to the fabulous musical performances there will also be a delicate menagerie of other activities in which to participate at SappyFest 7 including; City Mail, Sappy Times, Zine Fair, Street Market, The Talking Exploding Diamond Talk Show, Universal Dawn, Kids Corner Power Jam, Candlepin Bowling and Cumberland County Softball, with special projects by Daniel Barrow, Christine Swintak & Don Miller, Andrew Maize, Jon Claytor, Leanne Zacharius, and Cat Pontoon,  with Elocutionary Happenings by Ian Roy, Misha Bower, Eric Hill, Vish Khanna, Sean Michaels, Adam O’Reilly, Mitchell Wiebe and more